Inspiration for Further Study


Learning about Shakespeare is a Glorious Adventure!

One of the ways to enhance the retention of all the new information you will learn, is to employ as many of your senses as possible - sight, sound, tactile, and more. On our websites we present carefully curated videos and experiences that engage certain senses. We have also created very tactile craft projects that are excellent for promoting the meaning and retention of knowledge about Shakespeare and his world.

Ophelia sample- sm.png

Creative Coloring Pages

Image sketches especially suited for any age. They are detailed and can be colored with any media. Printed on quality paper, colored pencils and fine point markers are easily used.


The lapBook kit

Here’s a creative product, using printed paper frames and colorful notes. Information derived from Chapter 1 of “Why Shakespeare? Indeed!”


Shakeshop fusible Fabric portrait kits

Creating a work of art using fabric is highly tactile. All materials included in kit. Optional embellishments make this art a one-of-a-kind!

Choose from Hamlet, Shakespeare, and Romeo & Juliet.